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Falcon Club of America one day Mini-Regional Falcon meet July 2017
Raptors of many kinds live along the mighty Mississippi River, and there are special places where 4-wheeled Falcons will gather together as we migrate to upcoming Falcon Nationals destinations.

Raptor Chapter - Falcon Club of America folks will put on our protective gloves and be ready for all Falcons to land on our outstretched arms.  Birds and owners can enjoy some nourishment and rest; and maybe see the American Pickers homebase, the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, or other LeClaire, IA attractions or events before traveling to the 2017 Falcon Nationals.  LeClaire lodging

The Midwest's Raptor Chapter welcomes everyone to attend these gatherings, while on the way to the 2017 Falcon Convention in Sacramento, CA and the 2018 Falcon Convention in Wichita, KS.
Falcon species of all varieties are invited to enjoy a brief rest, along the greatest river in the USA.

Falcon Club of America 2017 National Convention, July 12-15, Sacramento, CA.
Falcon Club of America
2018 National Convention, July 11-14, Wichita, Kansas.

The 2017 Mississippi River brief resting place is north of Davenport, Iowa.
The 2018 Mississippi River brief resting place is near Saint Louis, Missouri.

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