1961 Falcon Tudor
1961 Falcon Tudor

144 cubic inch Ford power
non-synchronized 3 speed

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We bought it at Melvin's Classic Ford Parts in Conyers, GA for $500.00 when we lived south of Atlanta.  It needed a head gasket but once that was taken care of, it became my daily driver.  Thankfully I worked 3/4 mile from home because having to dress up for work & having no AC in Georgia, especially from spring to fall was HOT-lanta.  I used the old method of sticking my arm out the window, moving ahead in the seat so air would flow through my sleeve to cool off my back. (I sweat just thinking of it being that warm!).  The only other draw back with my little bird is the vacuum wipers.  Stepping on the gas, thus losing wiper speed was often treacherous with those crazy Georgia drivers and it rains A LOT in Georgia, but I love the little car!  We were side swiped by a teenage girl in Peachtree City, and we kept the car after insurance settled.

One great advantage of owning this car in Georgia though was, I never had to drive when going anywhere with friends.  None of them wanted to 'sweat it out' with me.   I loved it just the same!!!   I've loved Falcons (& Mustangs) since the beginning.  My grandpa owned the Ford dealership in a tiny town in Iowa.  The first vehicle he actually bought was a white '60 Ranchero.  He always just drove a car from the dealership before the Ranchero came out.   I tossed candy from the back of the Ranchero many 4th of July parades in the little town of Dysart, Iowa and fell in love with Falcons from the start!!